• Meals are prepared daily from Food Fitness central kitchen

  • To prevent food spoilage, meals are cooled and delivered cold. Our plates are microwaveable!

  • After sending your data, your subscription is confirmed through a bank transfer receipt

  • Menu is on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foodfitness.sa/

In case you picked the customized package, kindly mention the calories and percentage of each macronutrient
You can exclude beef seafood, or any main 3 dishes * Items that cannot be excluded: rice, chicken fruits vegetables, dairy products and cooking spices
Very important: please add delivery google map location
Do you have a customer (new or existing) in the same location?, If yes, please mention the name to apply the discount

Subscription Confirmation

To approve the subscription, please transfer the amount to:

Saudi Fransi Bank

Fitness Food Company

IBAN : SA5655000000099795500133

Account Number : 99795500133

And then send the transfer image on Whatsapp To confirm your subscription

* The subscriber can pause his subscription for a week, by informing us 3 days in advance. If not, we will not be able to pause the subscription.

* Cancellation before the start of the subscription:
In case the subscription was cancelled 48 hours prior to the start date, the subscriber can reclaim 100% of the amount paid

* Cancellation after the start of the subscription:
- (Two weeks subscriptions): cancellation is allowed within first two days only
- (Four weeks subscriptions): cancellation is allowed within first five days only

Consumed days are deducted as follows:
- Weight loss/Maintenance packages: 150 SR per day
- Customized package: 170 SR per day
- Delight package: 120 SR per day
- Lunch package: 80 SR per day

****** No returns are allowed after ******

* Important note:
- In case the cancellation request was received and the next day's order was already prepared, it will be counted
- Transfer is done within 7 days.

* Delivery:
In case not responding to the driver within time, the order delivery will be delayed.

* Delivery Time/Location Change:
Change can be applied within 24 hour notice only. Location/time can be changed only once within a subscription, and will be fixed after, throughout the subscription.

I agree to the terms and conditions.